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Andres Bonifacio Quotes: Andres Bonifacio was born on November 30, 1863, in Tondo, Manila.He is Leader of the Philippine Revolution.His father Santiago was a tailor, a local politician and a boatman who operated a river-ferry; his mother, Catalina de Castro, was employed in a cigarette-rolling factory.Andres Bonifacio simmered with rage and humiliation. The movement that he had created to oppose Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines had just voted (likely in a rigged election) to make his rival Emilio Aguinaldo president in his stead. Bonifacio was given the lowly consolation prize of an appointment as Secretary of the Interior in the revolutionary government.

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Nationality: Philippines Type: Nationalist Born: 30 November 1863 Died: 10 May 1897

Known For: Leader of the Philippine Revolution

Andres Bonifacio Quotes

Love your Country next to God, your honor, and most of all yourself. Andrés Bonifacio

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