600+ Truth or Dare Questions To Ask

Truth or Dare Questions : is the classic party game of embarrassment. You are in University School or College A group of people take turns asking each other " truth or dare "?When someone chooses dare, they are given a task to complete. If they don't like the first dare they can choose to be given another dare but they must complete the second dare.

Truth or Dare

The rules are simple! One player starts off by asking another player, " truth or dare?" If the player picks " truth," they are asked a question that they must answer honestly. If they choose " dare," they are given a command or some kind of action they need to perform.

The rules to this game are fairly simple, but to keep it as fair as possible, you prepare the questions and place them in a basket for people to then pick out.

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Truth or Dare: Questions List

  • Who is your crush?

Truth or Dare: Dares List

  • Serenade the person to your right.

Truth Questions And Dare

  • Truth: When was the last time you stalked an ex on social media?

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